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  Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much is the rent?
Rental charges can vary from rent geared-to-income to market rent. Generally, however, our rent categories are as follows:
• Individuals in receipt of Ontario Works: $356.00/month
• Individuals in receipt of Ontario Disability Support Program   Benefits $454.00/month
• Rent Geared-to-Income: 30% of earned income or market rent
  whichever is the lowest

2) Are there any Vacancies?
Please refer to the vacancy listing on our website to view any current vacancies that we may have - our vacancy listing is updated on a monthly basis.

3) How fast can I move in?
All applicants to our programs are screened and relevant documentation must be received in order for an applicant to be considered for any vacancy. Move in times vary depending on how much information is provided at time of referral, what vacancies are available and availability of Program Co-ordinators. Every attempt is made to expedite the referral process and to provide accommodation in a timely manner.

4) Is there a lease to sign?
Yes, all individuals who move into our housing units must sign a "Tenancy Care Services Agreement".

5) Is there any help with budgeting?
Yes, our staff are willing to assist with budgeting. Please note that payment of rent for individuals who receive Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program Benefits can be paid directly to Summit Housing & Outreach Programs which greatly assists in the budgeting process.

6) Where are the homes?
Our homes are located in various locations throughout the towns of Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown & Acton.

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